Creative Commons license. | Credit: Pixabay by Mohamed Hassan

So we’ve been talking about Google’s change to ‘mobile-first indexing’ and how it will start to prefer mobile search over desktop search. Well… get ready, because it’s rolling out now. On March 26th, Google started to migrate sites that were following best practices for mobile search. So if you and your designer have been working on this… you can relax. But since the bulk of local businesses don’t even have a responsive or mobile friendly site…. read on.

How Does Mobile-First Affect My Search?

Until now, Google used the desktop version of your website when it sends out it spiders to crawl and index the content on your page. But as mobile has taken over search, and users demand a better mobile search experience, Google is making the change.

So now Google will use the mobile version of your page for ranking, indexing and search results, giving the user what they want – a better mobile experience. If you only have desktop content, you’re not out of luck… yet. While Google won’t be maintaining two indexes, they will be notifying websites via the Search Console when the shift is happening. But there is no guarantee that your desktop content will be displayed the same as before. Prime ranking space will be given to mobile content before desktop, that’s the way of the future.

Don’t be left behind. Take a look at your site, your traffic and make the move to mobile design and optimize your local SEO to get back into the top 3 for Google. And see your sales rebound.