Pound Two Fifty

Listen to this sample commercial from a Miami carpet cleaning company…

I first got my start in advertising as both an on-air radio personality and account executive. Moving on to full time sales and senior account executive status, I quickly learned that the one things retailers wanted was ‘Prove that your radio ads are working“. Invariably if sales went up, it was due to ‘word of mouth’ or ‘they saw our sign’. But if sales weren’t happening, it was ‘no one heard our ad’. They all wanted some way to be able to quantify what stations and commercials were working.

Face it – you are losing business right now.  Your advertising might be persuasive, but people cannot remember the phone number in your ads – that’s the plain truth.  It doesn’t make sense to spend a fortune on media if customers cannot easily connect with your business.

Over 70% of all radio listening happens while someone is in their car. Not an ideal place to be able to remember an 800 number or website URL. But now there’s a solution to recapture all those lost leads from your radio ads or tv commercials…

Enter #250 America’s Mobile Speed Dial Number

#250 (pound two-fifty) is a speed dial number that works right now on virtually all mobile phones in the US and Canada.  Advertisers are using it as a replacement for long phone numbers or website URL’s that consumers cannot remember from Radio ads or TV ads.

Consumers simply Dial #250 and Say a Keyword to connect to your business – via an inbound phone call, and/or a text message reply.  Simple.

In the example on the left, a Miami carpet cleaning service doesn’t spend time on repeating phone numbers or website addresses. They take that time to repeat the #250 call to action and keyword – plus the benefit of having a money saving coupon texted to their mobile phone.

Smaht! Ideas is the first company in Maine to introduce this concept to local radio advertising – and it’s being used in major markets all over the US and Canada. For a FREE demo on how this can work for your radio and TV advertising, contact us to schedule yours today.