Ok, so you don’t totally neglect your site – but did you know about these 3 Things To Remove From Your Website Immediately? Too many times, a small business’ website is like a Ronco Rotisserie Oven and you tend to ‘Set it and forget it!’. Not only will an inactive website not rank higher in Google search, it shows a lack of interest in your customer. Take a look at your website and see if you are making any of these hindrances to converting leads into customers:

Problem: Generic Headlines

What is it you are trying to talk to your prospective customer about? Do they ‘get it’ within the first 5 seconds? If not, rethink your headline and leave the generic copy behind.

How To Fix It:

For example, on your homepage or landing page instead of saying “Top Quality Service” let them know you’ve been voted “Rated Top Pool Installer in Phoenix For 3 Years In A Row”.

Problem: Outdated Posts

If most of your content is ‘evergreen’ or has value beyond a certain date – don’t put in the date! A post might require a timely date but otherwise

How To Fix It:

Change your blog settings to remove the date from your meta data. Review your page URL and headlines as well, unless it is post specific, i.e. ‘Tax Changes for 2017’ etc.

Problem: YouTube Suggested Videos

This is another major ‘traffic leak’ or worse yet, the suggested video at the end of your YouTube video might even show a competitor!

How To Fix It:

On the video in YouTube, click on the ‘Share’ button under the video and then click ‘Embed’. Click on ‘Show More’ – see where it says ‘Show suggested videos when the video finishes’? Un-click that sucker and then copy/paste the embed code into your post.