The Website Is Dead… Long Live The Funnel!

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A Virtual Marketing Department For Your Business

Technology today allows us the freedom to live and work wherever we choose. And that’s why we made Maine our home base. But Smaht! Ideas has clients from here to California and creative staff on three continents. So no matter what your marketing problem is, we can assemble and manage the right people to get the job done, affordably, and on time.

Smaht! Services

A Virtual Team & Proven Plan for Success


Virtual meetings allow everyone to feel like they are in the same conference room, no matter where they are – and start the process of discovery as the first step to achieving your goals.


A plan. Sounds simple, but many times a client will be ‘winging it’ with no firm goals or ways to accomplish them. We’ll map out the strategy and the action items for success.


After signing off on the creative strategy, we will present you with several design concepts for your review. Then we will consider all suggestions and take the chosen design to final completion.


From designing a responsive website, creating a variable data direct mail piece, or editing a whiteboard video, we have a diverse team of creative pros across the globe – working for you!


Delivery of your project isn’t the end, rather a beginning. Because marketing your business is a continuous process, gathering data and working to improve the results – and profit margins.

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Jonathan is by far the best Creative Marketing professional I have ever hired. His designs and level of detail are excellent.
Steve Stevens, CEO/President, Jopari Solutions
Jonathan brings a unique perspective to marketing by combining creativity, business sense and years of experience to deliver solutions that work. He’ll always bring his passion for delivering a great user experience that’s fun AND gets results for you. Bottom line is, he knows how to make things happen!
Peter Turgeon, Associate Partner, Aeon Hewitt
I have worked with Jonathan on non-profit as well as for-profit for design, copy, and marketing. He is creative, follows through and delivers what he says he will deliver.
Ken Strait, Director of Product Development, Tractor Supply Company
I have had the pleasure of both working with and observing Jonathan’s capabilities for the better part of 20 years. He is a consummate professional with not only extensive experience but outstanding talent. Jonathan has a comprehensive understanding and insight into both traditional and new media. Most importantly he has an impressive ability to cut through the BS and focus on what it actually takes to get a job accomplished.
Richard Winnick, President, CCRW / Status Tracker
Jonathan is a true ‘rockstar’ in every way. From concept and solid business acumen, to design and creative execution, every project is done with the client’s best interest in mind.
Ken Wright, President, WaterSmart Technology