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Make It Easier For Customers To Find Your Business Online


Struggling to figure out how to convert website traffic, search traffic, phone inquiries and walk-in traffic into loyal customers? Smaht! Ideas is a local Maine based marketing firm with its roots firmly based in traditional and direct response marketing methods combined with laser focused local SEO, digital content strategy and content marketing.

In 2014, mobile internet use passed desktop use for the first time.

That was four years ago. Have you adjusted your strategies accordingly?

According to The Local Marketing Institute:

  • 56 percent of businesses have NOT claimed their listing on Google My Business.
  • 67 percent of businesses have NOT claimed their listing on Yelp
  • 79 percent of businesses have NOT claimed their listing on Yahoo
  • 81 percent of businesses have NOT claimed their listing on Yellow Pages

And there are over 50 more top local business directories you should be listed on.

Don’t Miss Out On Important ‘Micro-Moments’

Do you know the feeling of panic when you realize you don’t know where your phone is? That shows you just how much mobile has changed consumer behavior forever.

The competition for the attention, the loyalty and the wallet is won or lost in what are called ‘micro-moments’. Micro-moments are those quick ‘I-need-to-know’, ‘I-want-to-go’ or ‘I-want-to-buy’ times when you need to be easily found on their mobile phone searches.

With more and more search happening on mobile devices, and Google prioritizing location before other SEO ranking methods, it’s imperative that you understand and know how to effectively manage your local SEO. Get our FREE Local SEO Rank Report to see where your business stands.

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Why Work With Smaht! Ideas


Helping you to improve your business is more than just coming in with our ideas, implementing them… and then leaving. First, we start with an in-depth look at what you have done that works and what hasn’t worked. What your short term and long term goals are. Once we are on the same page with a Plan, we then work on the Design and the Execution of all elements of your new, integrated marketing project. And Results is at 95% because we should never be done trying to continually improve on the success you get from your marketing.


Recent Design Work



“Jonathan is by far the best Creative Marketing professionals I have ever hired. His designs and level of detail are excellent.”

Steve Stevens, CEO/President, Jopari

“Jonathan brings a unique perspective to marketing by combining creativity, business sense and years of experience to deliver solutions that work. He’ll always bring his passion for delivering a great user experience that’s fun AND gets results for you. Bottom line is, he knows how to make things happen!”

Peter Turgeon, Associate Partner, Aeon Hewitt

“I have worked with Jonathan on non-profit as well as for-profit for design, copy, and marketing. He is creative, follows through and delivers what he says he will deliver.”

Ken Strait, Director of Product Development, Tractor Supply

“I have had the pleasure of both working with and observing Jonathan’s capabilities for the better part of 20 years. He is a consummate professional with not only extensive experience but outstanding talent. Jonathan has a comprehensive understanding and insight into both traditional and new media. Most importantly he has an impressive ability to cut through the BS and focus on what it actually takes to get a job accomplished.”

Richard Winnick, CEO/President, Status Tracker

“Jonathan is a true ‘rockstar’ in every way. From concept and solid business acumen, to design and creative execution, every project is done with the client’s best interest in mind.”

Ken Wright - President, Innovator, Watersmart Technology

“I’ve known Jonathan to be honest and trustworthy. I believe you will be impressed by the quality of his work, as well as his ability to make you feel comfortable and at ease. He takes pride in his work and is sensitive to his working relationships. As a bonus, he has a great sense of humor!”

Lillian Lake, Author & Community Visionary, LillianLake.com
“Wish it were that all creative types kept their cool while guys like me, leaned over their shoulders and made “suggestions”. Smaht! Ideas is my secret weapon. A lot of my direct mail clients would do their own desktop publishing and I’d ask if they would like some creative input. Jonathan was great. He always got to that kernel of truth for the client that produced results. I recommend Jonathan happily.”
Steve Ettelman, Owner, Mail America

“I worked with Jonathan for nearly 8 years in direct marketing. Jonathan spearheaded the creation of the company’s direct mail/print advertising revenue stream. His creative marketing and drive helped develop it into the company’s third largest revenue stream. And now in my firm, he’s a trusted advisor and go-to guy for helping develop local leads.”

Erik North, President, Free Energy Maine

Smaht! News

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