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Helping you to improve your business is more than just coming in with our ideas, implementing them… and then leaving. First, we start with an in-depth look at what you have done that works and what hasn’t worked. What your short term and long term goals are. Once we are on the same page with a Plan, we then work on the Design and the Execution of all elements of your new, integrated marketing project.

Our Work Process









Wait-a-minute! Why are results are only at 95%?

Yes, because we never stop working to improve on the success you get from your marketing!

Owner/CEO | Jonathan Farley

 Our Story

Owner and President Jonathan Farley got his start in marketing immediately after college, working in sales and on-air talent at Portland’s up and coming rock radio station, FM101. He progressed in radio sales, becoming Senior Account Executive at WMGX Magic 93. For the next 18 years, he was partner and Creative Director for a Portland marketing firm that specialized in sports, resort and retail marketing nationally. He left to take on the task of integrating traditional print and direct mail with the burgeoning digital sales channel for a national direct response supplement company. Getting the itch to get back out on his own again, he started Smaht! Ideas, with the goal of putting all of his years of experience in various marketing and sales channels to use for small to medium businesses – while retaining two clients that his relationship with goes back to the early 90’s.

Now, with the whole world integrated digitally, Smaht! Ideas puts together custom creative teams that fit the needs and the budgets of their clients, to be able to deliver custom designed solutions that produce measurable ROI.

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Glossary of Terms

To help those ‘from away’ understand some of the terms used on this website and in any communications.

Smaht: An intelligent person or idea. Example: “Ayuh, that copywriter is pretty smaht!”

Wicked: All purpose adjective that means ‘awesome’ or great. Example: “What did you think about our product?” ” Oh, it’s wicked good!”

Wicked Smaht: Popular phrase referring to an above average intelligent person.’ Example: “Jonathan? Yes deah, he’s wicked smaht!”

Ayuh: Yes. Yep. You bet. .
Example: “Did you get your check?” “Ayuh.”

Yessah: An exclamation of agreement.
Example: “Can you design a new logo for me? Yessah!”

Right out straight: Very busy.
Example: “I don’t have time to talk; I am right out straight!”

Hahd tellin’ not knowin’: I don’t know, I’m stumped.
Example: “How’d they get that CBD ad on Google?” “Hard tellin’ not knowin.’”