Smaht! Messenger Chatbots

We have Facebook Messenger Chatbots for your every business need.

Increase your ROI with an automated, interactive messenger bot that guides a customers product selection or help answer FAQs all within Messenger in Facebook and Instagram.

Communicate directly with customers through a Facebook chatbot, SMS or host a chatbot on your site. And deliver up to 9x reduction in customer acquisition costs.

  • Conversions:  Dramatically increase your ROI
  • Loss recovery:  Engage users at the point of cart abandonment to recover up to 58% more lost sales
  • Live chat bot:  Communicate from your site via FB messenger or SMS
  • Reach:  Reach over 1.3 billion FB messenger and SMS users without a single bounced email

Advertise, market, and sell products nonstop, even while you’re sleeping

Meet the high expectations of today’s mobile customers. Automate on-demand, personalized shopping experiences via custom sequenced chat bots and tasks like answering questions about hours, services, pricing, locations or booking appointments.

Affordable Smaht! Chatbots for over 129+ categories.

Don’t see your business? Let us customize a Smaht! Chatbot for you.

  1. Car Wash/Detailing Messenger Bot
  2. All-in-One Bot for Car Dealers
  3. Sales Bot for Musicians/Artists
  4. Scheduling Bot for Hair Salons
  5. E-Commerce Bot for Footwear Stores
  6. All-in-One Bot for Real Estate Companies
  7. Google Sheets Food Ordering Bot for Restaurants
  8. Lead Nurturing Messenger Bot for Realtors
  9. Footwear Store Bot for Messenger
  10. Lead Generation Bot for Sales Coaches and Trainers
  11. Brick and Mortar Messenger Bot for Local Businesses
  12. Nail Salon Appointment Bot for Website and Facebook
  13. Messenger Bot for Chiropractors
  14. Mobile Apps Agency Bot for Messenger
  15. Dentist Chatbot for Appointment Scheduling
  16. Solar Panels Lead Generation Bot
  17. Full-Service Sign and Awning Company Bot for Messenger
  18. Live Music Pub and Bar Bot for Messenger
  19. Webinar Bot for Business Coaches
  20. Lead Generation Bot for Insurance Brokers
  21. Real Estate Messenger Bot For Companies That Buy Houses
  22. Test-Drive Messenger Bot for Car Dealers
  23. Construction Company Messenger Bot
  24. Lead Generation Bot for Roofing Companies
  25. Wedding Planning Service Bot for Messenger
  26. Appointment Scheduling Bot for Audiologists
  27. Messenger Bot for Lawyers and Law Firms
  28. Personal Injury Attorney and Law Group Facebook Bot
  29. Facebook Bot for Online Trainings and Webinars
  30. Appointment Messenger Bot for Barbershops
  31. Instagram FAQ Bot For Messenger
  32. Facebook Messenger Bot for YouTube Channel
  33. Table Reservation Bot for Bars and Restaurants
  34. Appointment Scheduling Bot for Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery
  35. Messenger Bot for IVF Fertility Clinics
  36. Consulting Agency Bot for Messenger
  37. Wellness and Physical Therapy Services Messenger Bot
  38. Restaurant Review Bot Funnel for Messenger
  39. Lead Generation Bot for Doctors
  40. Messenger Bot for Full-Service Restoration Companies
  41. Appointment Messenger Bot for Real Estate Agents
  42. Zapier and Manychat Messenger Bot for Real Estate Agents
  43. Real Estate Investor Bot for Messenger
  44. Coupon Promotion Bot Funnel for Therapists
  45. Vote Contest Bot for Facebook Messenger
  46. Online Pharmacy and Drugstore Bot for Messenger
  47. Messenger Marketing Agency Bot for Messenger
  48. Open House Bot for Real Estate Agents
  49. News and Publications Bot for Messenger
  50. Personal Assistant Bot for Insurance Companies
  51. Messenger Bot for Apartment Communities
  52. Appointment Scheduling Bot for Photographers
  53. Messenger Bot for Car Dealerships
  54. Messenger Bot for Government Agencies and Politicians
  55. Customer Support Bot for Family Law Attorneys
  56. Pizza Ordering and Delivery Messenger Bot
  57. Pet Care Service Bot for Messenger
  58. All-In-One Messenger Bot for Hotels
  59. Lead Generation Bot for Insurance Companies
  60. Gym and Fitness Club Bot for Messenger
  61. Skincare eCommerce Bot for Facebook Messenger
  62. Recruiting Assistant Bot for Recruitment Agencies
  63. Health and Weight Loss Coach Bot
  64. Restaurant Industry Bot for Messenger
  65. Food Delivery and Catering Service Bot
  66. Travel Community Bot for Messenger
  67. E-commerce Bot for Hair Accessory Brands
  68. Sales Bot for Writers and Authors
  69. Appointment Bot for CoolSculpting Centers
  70. Hotel Booking Messenger Bot for Hotels
  71. Booking Chatbot for Recording Studios
  72. ManyChat Email Bot
  73. Loyalty Rewards Campaign Bot for Clothing Stores
  74. Lead Generation Bot for Full-Service Accounting Firms
  75. Appointment Booking Bot for Junk Removal Businesses
  76. Decor Personality Quiz Bot
  77. Mortgage Loan Officer Bot
  78. Mortgage Broker Funnel for Messenger
  79. Public Figures and Celebrities Messenger Bot
  80. Loan Calculator Bot for Messenger
  81. Messenger Bot for Travel Nursing Agencies
  82. Real-E Bot for Real Estate Agents
  83. Real Estate Lead Qualification Bot
  84. Multi-Level Marketing Industry Bot
  85. Travel Agency Chatbot for Messenger
  86. Kart Racing Center Bot for Messenger
  87. Carpentry Quote Messenger Bot
  88. Free Birthday Coupon Bot for Restaurants
  89. Network Marketing Bot for Messenger
  90. Messenger Bot for Laundry Businesses
  91. Lead Gen Lawyer Chatbot for Facebook Messenger
  92. Restaurant Coupon Promotion Bot for Messenger
  93. Churches and Ministries Messenger Bot
  94. Flowers Delivery Facebook Bot
  95. Home Staging and Interior Design Studio Bot
  96. Cleaning Service Bot for Messenger
  97. ManyChat Appointment Bot for Vein Clinics
  98. Messenger Bot for Hotels
  99. Cinema Bot for Website and Facebook
  100. Loyalty Card Bot for Pilates Studios
  101. Coffee Shop Messenger Bot
  102. Facebook Messenger Bot Template for Sports Clubs and Teams
  103. Quiz Lead Generation Bot for Pubs and Bars
  104. Hotel Booking Chatbot for Messenger
  105. MediSpa & Aesthetic Center Bot for Messenger
  106. Recipe Book Bot for Food Blogs
  107. Food Truck Bot for Messenger
  108. Video Marketing Agency Bot Funnel
  109. Appointment Scheduling Bot for Optometry Clinics
  110. Facebook Bot for Grocery and Food Stores
  111. Facebook Messenger Bot for Nightclubs
  112. Health and Beauty Products Messenger Bot
  113. Coaching & Webinar Registration Messenger Bot
  114. Messenger Bot for Hotels Hostels and BnBs
  115. Messenger Bot for Racecourses
  116. Appointment Bot for Car Repair Shops
  117. Farm/Organic Food Producer Bot for Messenger
  118. FAQ Messenger Bot Template for Business Consultants
  119. Weight Loss Products Chatbot for Messenger
  120. Martial Art School Chatbot for Messenger
  121. Music Band Messenger Bot
  122. Customer Loyalty Program Bot for Messenger
  123. Clothing Retailer Facebook Bot for Messenger
  124. Messenger Bot Template for Artists (ManyChat)
  125. Food & Beverage Company Bot for Messenger
  126. Fashion House Facebook Bot
  127. eCommerce Bot Template for Online Pet Stores
  128. Bot Template to create your own Resume/CV
  129. Ordering Assistant Messenger Bot for Restaurants
  130. Instagram Business Profile Bot Template for Messenger
  131. Baby Clothing Store Messenger Bot
  132. One-Day Event Bot for Facebook Messenger
  133. Birthday Campaign Bot for Restaurants
  134. Facebook Marketing Coach Bot
  135. Conference Bot for Facebook Messenger