The Half-Life of Interest for a Radio Commercial

From satellite radio and streaming audio to podcasts and iTunes, the competition for your ears seems to be greater than ever. But as much as you might think that local radio is a dinosaur and on it’s way out, you’d be mistaken.

According to a recent report by Nielsen, each week, more Americans tune to AM/FM radio than any other platform. What’s more, according to Nielsen’s second-quarter 2017 Comparable Metrics Report, 93% of U.S. adults 18 and older listen to radio every week—more than those watching television or using a smartphone, TV connected device, tablet or PC.

If you are a local advertiser, let that sink in for a minute.

With every marketing consultant pushing Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and all other forms of digital marketing – why are they ignoring the platform where you can reach more of your local customers at an reasonable cost?

Analytics and Response Rates

The one advantage digital has over broadcast radio is proof of response. You see an ad, you click and a whole world of analytics opens up, tracking consumers actions all the way to the checkout page. But radio seems to be stuck back in the ‘mention this ad and save 10%’ era.

When driving and listening to the radio, we can’t write down phone numbers nor dial safely (imagine hunting & pecking a vanity number on a two-lane highway). Texting is out of the question. And a big percentage of all radio listening is done in the car.

Fortunately, new technologies are taking advantage of the fact that you need to convert a listener as fast as possible from the moment your radio spot is over and they are in the ‘Moment of Conviction’ and willing to buy.

#250 Delivers More Inbound Leads & Encourages Immediate Response

A new nationwide service #250 Mobile Speed Dial lets a listener call ‘Pound -Two-Five-Zero’ and can respond easily by dialing #250 and saying the product keyword. Just like 411 for information and 911 for emergency services, 250 is fast becoming the easily remembered number for all radio advertisers nationwide.

It is hard enough to grab the consumer’s attention via advertising. If we can interest them in our product AND motivate them to call (“The Moment of Conviction”), we certainly do not want any barriers to response.

Primary barriers to response include the inability to remember random 800 numbers or SMS shortcodes. THAT is why it takes multiple exposures to get a consumer to act – NOT because they cannot be convinced upon first exposure to the message.

Boost Your Radio Response by 30% or More

Advertisers using #250 and their unique spoken keyword have experienced 30% or better increases in call volume. And here’s the best part – you can IMMEDIATELY send the listener a text message to their mobile phone with all of your contact information and the offer they heard in your radio ad.

Contact us for a FREE DEMO of the #250 system and make your radio spots work even harder.