We all live busy lives and each day presents new challenges. But when you take the time to reach out and express to your customers just how much you value them and their business, you will see amazing results. In business and in life, if you put out positive energy and give thanks for your customers – you’ll attract more customers!

Here are eight tips on ways to let your customers know exactly that:

1) Thanks for Your Business

No sales pitch… just send off a simple ‘We appreciate your business’ email. Or better yet, send a hand-written note to really show them you care.

2) Congratulations!

Did a client or customer have a special event or receive an award? Share the good news with your other customers on your website and social media to show your support.

3) Random Gifts

Of course, you’re going to remember your clients and customers at the holidays. But what about sending off a small token of appreciation or a discount during a slow time of year? They won’t be expecting it and it speaks volumes about how you appreciate their business.

4) Forget Siri & Alexa

These days, everyone has instant access to answers with their personal AI in their pocket. But by reaching out to a customer for their opinion shows you value them and their experience.

5) I’ve Got Your Six

If you’re in the military (or have heard this in the movies or on TV) having someone’s ‘6’ tells them you have their back. And should you read a negative comment about a customer or a vendor, stand up for them and show them they have your support.

6) Knock, Knock… Who’s There?

If you’re going to be near a customer when you are out, why not shoot them a quick text and see if you can just stop by to say hi or even grab lunch? Don’t make it a business meeting – just an opportunity to get to know them better.

7) Party on Garth!

If it’s appropriate, expand the guest list for your next event to include those customers who you want to show just how much you value their friendship outside of business.

8) See the Attached

If you come across an article that you think a customer would enjoy, whether it’s business related or not, it’s pretty quick to hit ‘share’ and write a short ‘thought you’d enjoy this’ note.

Get the idea? It doesn’t take much time to let your customers know that you value them, their business and your relationship with them. Nurture your customers and see your business grow.

And of course – THANK YOU for reading today’s post!