Survey Shows Trend Towards Digital

Every summer, Borrell publishes weekly insights from its Local Advertiser Survey.  These insights come from the largest survey of SMBs in the nation, conducted annually from April-July.  These charts represent key insights from a survey of 40+ questions of local advertisers. 

While Social Media advertising came out on top, amazingly the #2 spot went to newspaper advertising. And radio topped search marketing and banner ads. What is the take away from this latest survey? That small & medium businesses are 1) in transition from traditional to digital marketing and 2) holding on to ‘what has always worked’.

How is your SMB handling it’s traditional and digital marketing? Are you combining elements from both to take full advantage of current metrics to really show what is getting your best ROI?  Here are a couple of examples to help you achieve that.

Using QR Codes in Newspaper Ads

So you are one of the local advertisers running a weekend ad in the newspaper – well rather than ask your potential customer to clip a coupon to bring in, use a QR code that they scan with their phone. Each code can lead to a specific landing page that is linked to that paper, or if you are running multiple ads, the specific page it is on. Now you know not only are people seeing and responding to your ad, but what section of the paper you should be in. Find out more with a FREE 30 minute 1-On-1 phone consulation.

#250 Nationwide Mobile Speed Dial for Radio

Local advertisers have always supported radio due to it’s ability to target certain demographics and its relatively low cost. Most radio listening happens in the car – and it’s not the best idea to ask the listener to visit your website or try to write down a vanity 800 number. But with a new service called #250, your radio ad can ask them to use their Bluetooth phone to ‘Call Pound Two Five Zero’ and then say a keyword such as ‘Bob’s Burgers’ to have all of your info sent to them via SMS text message, and even connect to you by phone. Smaht has an exclusive arrangement for this service in Maine and can also help in other radio markets. Find out more with a FREE 30 minute 1-On-1 phone consulation.