As marketers, we are always looking for new ways to engage with potential customers. One of the most effective ways to do this is through lead magnets.

Lead Magnets are content that gives your audience something in exchange for their contact information. The best lead magnets provide a lot of value to your customer and incentivise them to become paying customers down the road. In this article, we’ll walk you through how to create an amazing lead magnet so you can start generating more leads!

We’ll walk you through;

  • What makes a great lead magnet?
  • How to build your Lead Magnets using our exercise;
  • Why lead magnets can be the best first step to build trust

When you’re ready to make your own lead magnet, download the workbook and start building!

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What Makes a Great Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is exactly what it sounds like: an attractive piece of content or a coupon that pulls your customer towards you, who they then access in exchange for information.

Most people don’t just give out their email addresses on a whim. To make it seem like a fair swap, you need to offer them value with your lead magnet and not waste time trying the hard sell approach or sending something meaningless in hopes of getting lucky.

The best content is the kind that helps people solve problems. Pieces of it can be anything from a newsletter, eBook or guide – to product demos and trial subscriptions. The most important thing about this type of piece though isn’t what you offer them but rather how well your audience will benefit from using whatever solution(s) are offered in order to fix their problem with minimal effort on his/her behalf.

Lead magnets are a great way to get your audience’s contact information. The best lead magnets provide a lot of value to your customer and incentivise them to become paying customers down the road. In this article, we’ll walk you through how to create an amazing lead magnet so you can start generating more leads.

How to Build Your Lead Magnets Using Our Exercise;

The following exercise can help you create a lead magnet that will be sure to excite customers and offer plenty of value.


In the graphic above, you’ll see two sections. The first focuses on providing your customer with just ONE win -a win starts by solving a single problem or challenge. In other words: we want to ensure our lead magnet is relevant and valuable to their pain points.

These problems should come easily once you’ve created your ideal customer profile and content map. Use these two key resources to find a solution for any situation that arises in the future!

In the second part of our guide, we’ll break down that one big problem into smaller more manageable chunks. From there you can create your lead magnets and share them with your audience.

Let’s take a look at this exercise in action. First, we use experienced woodworkers and novice bakers as our examples for how to complete the exercise.


This exercise is a super quick and effective way to provide your customer with the most value possible.

To start, we fill in the first section with a couple of wins: one for our woodworker and another equally as interesting fact about bakers.

A baker wants to bake an incredible cake! Our woodworker isn’t too shabby either – he’s building log stores that will last him through all winter storms (perfectly).

Once a problem has been broken down into its composite parts, it becomes easier to see what needs solving and how best can solve them. Chunking is an important stage in this process because when we break large problems into smaller ones that require specific solutions or challenges they become more manageable than before…

  • Woodworking projects can be a challenge, especially when you don’t know what tools or materials are needed. Our clients might lack an easy-to follow blueprint for building log stores and they may not have any experience with woodworking at all!
  • The baker is looking for a specific recipe type (sugar-free or gluten free) and step by step instructions.

We focus on a single pain point and solve it for our customers, who then hand over their email addresses in order to get the solution. Once they’re subscribed to us, we can nurture them by sending out additional sales emails or marketing messages when needed.

The medium in which we deliver our lead magnets can have a big impact on their effectiveness. For example, as the woodworker and baker above may want to scribble out steps or score them for later use with pen and paper rather than leave it on screen so that they never lose any information from an already long process – who knows when disaster could strike? Rather than limiting this content to a web page or video, it might be better served as a printable PDF.

Your lead magnet can now be customized to fit the sales funnel. You’re not just giving away a one-size-fits-all product, instead of crafting your content and design so it appeals at every point on this well-known path of conversions: attention > interest > desire (buy) or action!

Key Takeaway: A lead magnet can be a great way to show someone that they like you and trust your product. A good marketing strategy, it’s worth investing time in developing.

Let’s say you are a timber merchant and want to target amateur woodworkers. You can create an informative guide that will help them build their very own log store, complete with measurements for tools as well as recommendations on what type of woods would work best in this particular design.

When they share the link online or provide it at local events where people could potentially buy some excess stock from your business – not only have we provided value but also gained new customers! That is a lead magnet doing its job.

Ready to get started? Download your copy of the Positioning here. You’ll find instructions on how you can create a lead magnet for your audience.

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